Putting Knowledge In Your Hands

Training is a critical part of every computerization system. Whether you are new to the software, or need to fill some knowledge gaps, the right training will allow you to fully understand and utilize available software features.

The People

All too often, software training is provided by someone sorely lacking in experience. At Careware however, we take training as seriously as every other aspect of our business. Because of this every one of our classes is conducted by Certified Qualified Installers.


The Place

While we can provide onsite training, we feel that there are distinct advantages to training at our center. For one, it allows you to focus on the class, with no distractions.



  • Trainers with 15+ years experiences in SAGE Accounting Software.
  • Trained by certified SAGE Consultant.
  • Small class size...more focus, quality attention.
  • Training Workbook which are yours to keep as a resource book.
  • Modern classroom facilities with projector.